Liberal Arts Research

Our research strategy is ambitious and distinctive. It draws on our connections with the UK’s creative and cultural economies as well as with our global research networks.

Research groups

Arts and Social Change

The Arts and Social Change (ASC) Research Group brings together researchers across the College of Liberal Arts whose work engages with issues of social justice and the facilitation of social intervention and change through the arts.


Dr Laura Purcell Gates,

Changing Landscapes Research Group


Dr Richard Johnson,

Creative Corporealities

Creative Corporealities is an interdisciplinary group which concerns itself with the body as a source of creative material and notions of embodiment in cultural contexts.


Dr Pamela Karantonis,

Digital Writing Research Group


Professor Kate Pullinger,

Empathy and Writing


Professor Maggie Gee,

Global Citizenship and Identities


Dr Heather Winlow,

Intercultural Communication through Practice

Addressing the Transnational Creativity and Education research theme, the Intercultural Communication through Practice research group considers how cultural heritage is shared across borders and how knowledge is transmitted through arts practice. Individual and collective approaches to memory and identity determine how creative processes engage with place, space and time. Cultural and environmental factors are examined for the way they shape artistic and societal transformations.


Professor Amanda Bayley,

Medical Humanities Research Group


Professor William Hughes,

Dr Fiona Peters,

Music Performance, Analysis and Context

The Music Performance, Analysis and Context research group (MusPAC) comprises scholars and practitioners who are actively engaged in practice-based or practice-led research. Repertoire encompasses the last 300 years with an emphasis on contemporary, experimental, instrumental and vocal music, jazz and performance pedagogies. The group develops an interdisciplinary focus across the University, especially in relation to dance, theatre, acting and visual art. This interdisciplinarity features a range of topics and methodologies currently investigated by group members from the College of Liberal Arts, Bath School of Art and Design and the Institute for Education.


Professor Amanda Bayley,

Open Scores Lab

Open Scores Lab functions as an environment in which creative practitioners can experiment with new approaches to scoring, working with colleagues in other disciplines to support their research.


Professor James Saunders,

Policing and Criminal Justice Research Group


Professor Allyson MacVean,

Psychology Research Group

The Psychology Research Group was formed in 2010, building on a good result in RAE2008, and is increasing in membership each year as the subject expands.


Dr Jermaine Ravalier,
Dr Elaine Wainwright:

Sonic Arts and Visual Music

The Sonic Arts and Visual Music research group explores the new relationships between sound, image and music that are being forged in contemporary practice, especially where facilitated by new technologies, methods and tools.  In particular it centres on a development that can be observed within this practice, where the meaning and function of both ‘sound’ and ‘music’ are drifting, both separately and in relation to each other. Many of the most innovative areas of creative sound practice do not fall within most people’s definition of ‘music’ (sound outside music). At the same time, Visual Music posits that music might be expressed through means other than the sonic (music outside sound).


Professor Joseph Hyde,

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