The Media Convergence Research Centre currently houses a number of postgraduate students working on a wide range of interdisciplinary PhDs.

Bath Spa University is part of the AHRC-funded South, West and Wales Doctoral Training Partnership (SWW DTP), which gives the Arts & Humanities researcher access to the experience and skills essential for success in this new collaborative research world.

Film, Television and Media is one of the subject areas within the SWW DTP. As such, we welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students interested in the Research Centre's areas of specialism, including:

  • Digital cultures and materialities
  • Film and its social contexts
  • Gender and representation in the media
  • Gameplay and videogame studies
  • Multiplatform and transmedia industries
  • Global music cultures

Please direct initial enquiries to Dr Matthew Freeman (

Our PhD Community

  • Vasileios Chatzimakris

‘Indeterminate Mix: Exploring Ways of Incorporating Indeterminacy in the Context of Mixed Media Performances’

  • Conor Ogilvie Davidson

‘A Study into Innovation Resistance toward Autonomous Cars in the UK’

  • Louis Ledesve d'Heudiere

‘Spontaneously Realising the Unspontaneous: Developing a Compositional Strategy that Exploits Reduced Exposure between Performers and Scores’

  • Ralf Dorrell

‘Beyond Chord Symbols: An Exploration of Alternative Ways of Integrating the Improvising Soloist into Notated Big Band Jazz Compositions’

  • Ngozi Ejims

‘Evaluating the Impact of Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding in Nigeria's Film Industry’

  • Leah Holmes

‘Reflections of History, Culture and Society in Japanese Animation’

  • Mark Langley

‘Unravelling Cleopatra: Sensationalism and the Collapse of a Studio’

  • Oogoo Maia

‘Embodiment and Vigilance in the Notation, Rehearsal and Performance of Improvised and Indeterminate Music’

  • Amy Mallett

‘Models of compositional approach for contemporary musical theatre: A practice-led study of the artistic and pragmatic constraints faced by the composer-collaborator, and how these shape process and product’

  • James Manning

‘Super Mario (Un)Making: Mapping the Ephemerality of Videogames’

  • Michael Pennington

‘Videogames as a Primary Source: Collective Memory and Representations of Britain and War’

  • Jon Pigott

‘Materials, Systems and Autonomy in Electromechanical Sound Art’

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