Bath Spa University offers many professional development opportunities for both staff and students.

Bath Spa University is committed to the further development of its staff and research students.

The Researcher Development team has developed a comprehensive programme of events which aims to address the needs of research students, Early Stage Researchers and above.

This is informed by the four areas of Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework (RDF):

  • Knowledge and Intellectual Activities
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Research Governance and Organisation
  • Engagement, influence and impact

Specific research ‘pathways’ have also been developed for those looking to enhance certain skillsets: “Leadership, Mentoring and Supervising”, “Research Funding”, “Presentation and Publishing” and “Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity and Public Engagement”.

More information about the events offered, and about pathways, can be found at Bath Spa Live.

The official Bath Spa University Research Twitter is also an excellent source for news of upcoming events, and more.

For more information about our Researcher Development program, please contact

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